About Jeff

I’m a guy trying to make the most of his life by creating something of value for lots of people. I believe that intelligence is sexy, and that the power to imagine is mankind’s greatest asset. Everything of worth that has ever been created owes its existence to someone’s imagination, and our future depends on how well we use ours.

I love fiction in all its forms. Novels, short stories, video games, film, TV shows. No matter the medium, no matter the genre, stories teach us about life, about ourselves, and about people. To me, there is no topic deeper or more interesting.

And yet, there’s something even more valuable to be gained from the stories people share with us. When a story is a good one, it inspires us. Good stories make us feel something.

As you may have surmised, I especially enjoy stories with fantasy elements, supernatural creatures, or some kind of magic. Why? Because they’re awesome.

I also like learning about how to be healthy, thinking about what life is and how we should live it, taking pleasure in things of great beauty, exploring the world and the people in it, playing, using elegant technology, performing, and creating things that other people like.

It is that last one that I’m especially focused on. Creating things. I want to make things that people like, and the best way I can think of to do that is to make things that I like.

So, I hope you like the things I create, get some value out of them, even share them with others who might like them too. And I hope that maybe, every once in a while, they’ll make you feel something.


Get in touch on Twitter @JeffCMeier.


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