SkyChart: A Perk Calculator for Skyrim

A handcrafted, elegant user interface sits atop a powerful character planning tool.

SkyChart is the premium perk calculator solution for use with
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim®.

Gorgeous, modern, and professionally designed.

Ridiculously easy to use.

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Outstanding Technical Features

  • Automatically computes shortest prerequisite path and fills in all necessary perks for you, enabling super fast and efficient planning.
  • Automatically removes entire prerequisite lines when root perks are removed, allowing you to instantly clear entire skill trees or segments thereof. (Minus sign will turn red to warn you when this will occur.)
  • Computes build level for you, but allows you to build as high as you want. Build level turns an amber color when Skyrim’s soft cap is exceeded (level 50) and red when Skyrim’s hard cap is exceeded (level 81).
  • Computes the required skill level for each skill tree.
  • Swipe left and right to move through the skill trees, or flip to the menu for fast navigation to any skill tree.
  • Conveniently invest in perks by double tapping them or use the large plus and minus buttons to effortlessly add or subtract points.
  • Instantly create and name new builds.
  • Builds are auto-saved to the archive (on your iPhone).
  • Save as many builds to the archive as you’d like.
  • Delete builds easily by swiping the build name in the archive.
  • Rename builds simply by tapping the build name at the top of the menu.
  • Provides a useful description of each perk.
  • Stars are labeled with their corresponding perks, so you always know which perk each star represents.
  • Does NOT require an internet connection to work.