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  1. Skyrim Nightblade Build (Part Three)

    In previous sections, we were focused almost entirely on selecting our skills and perks. Part One covered what are in my opinion a nightblade’s core skills, and Part Two covered my nightblade’s “supplemental” skills. Skills and perks are what make up a class, and so I felt these were important to establish before moving on.

    This third section will include a bit of discussion about everything else: which races are best for a nightblade, the spells a nightblade uses, equipment considerations, and a few miscellaneous notes.

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  2. Skyrim Nightblade Build (Part Two)

    Welcome back! In Part One of my Skyrim Nightblade Build series, we decided that building a nightblade in Skyrim required three core skills:  One-handed, Sneak, and Illusion. In Part Two, we’ll consider some more skills, and finish allocating our perk points.

    There are many directions we could go from here, depending on how we want our nightblade to play. The nature of the game requires us to choose just a few more skills to invest our perk points in, even though there are many that we would find useful. Keep in mind that we can still use all of the skills, level them up, and enjoy some benefits from them. We just won’t be purchasing perk points in all of them.

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  3. Skyrim Nightblade Build (Part One)

    The nightblade has been a favorite archetype of mine since Morrowind. Combining stealth and precision with a strong command of magic, he (or she) is the ultimate smart character. Yes, sometimes it’s satisfying to run up and hack at your enemies with a giant sword. But there’s an edgy badass feeling that comes with materializing from the shadows and slitting your enemy’s throat before they can make a sound. And magic is just too cool to pass up.

    So, as I start to think about creating a character in Skyrim, the nightblade is what comes to mind first. I want to move quickly, strike with precision, and be mystical. I’m sure I’ll revise it as I play, but here is my tentative plan for allocating my perks.

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