Novels on the Horizon

It’s probably too early to be saying this, but I can’t help it. In the coming months, I’ll be releasing some free chapters from some of the projects I’ve been working on. I know that this early on, most of my audience is comprised of my family and friends, but that makes me even more excited to share this with you guys.

Soon I’ll be announcing my first novel, a dark urban fantasy. I don’t want to give too many details just yet, but there’s magic, and some vampire involvement. Maybe you could say it’s True Blood with Harry Potter sprinkled in. Hmm. Well, maybe not. But it’s dark, mystical, and action-packed.

It’ll be released in 2014 on Kindle, Nook, iBooks, etc. The hardcopy release will come later, or not at all. It seems that e-readers are the direction everything’s going in the publishing world. Someday, though, I’d like to be able to hold a book that I’ve written in my hands, put it on my bookshelf, and admire it. And there’s just something awesome about the thought of seeing my book in a bookstore. So, once I’ve established a bit of a fan base, I hope to do a paper release as well.

Anyway, please stay tuned for free chapters and further updates. I’m really excited about this stuff, and I hope to get you all excited about it too.